Absence of carbon capture and storage is ‘biggest challenge to’ 2C limit

February 2 2017

Our energy systems appear to be changing in ways that are broadly on track with limiting global temperature rise to 2C, a new study says, but will soon lose ground without rapid deployment of new technologies.
In the study, just published in Nature Climate Change, researchers measure the collective progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement.
There is a mix of good and bad news, the researchers find, with some particular successes – such as the “extraordinary growth rates” of wind and solar in recent years.
But the continued lack of investment in carbon carbon and storage (CCS) technologies puts the 2C limit in doubt, the researchers say.
Without CCS, we will either have to cut back on fossil fuels even more quickly to meet 2C, or “accept that 2C is not possible”, the lead author tells Carbon Brief.

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