Summer School 2018

Carbonia, Centro Ricerche Sotacarbo

18 - 22 giugno 2018

Lunedì 18 giugno 2018 - Introduction
Session chairman: Alessandro Lanza (Sotacarbo, Italy)

12.20Welcome lunch
13.45Open ceremony, welcome and general introductionAlessandro Lanza
(Sotacarbo, Italy)
14.15Welcome speech by the Mayor of CarboniaPaola Massidda
(Mayor of Carbonia, Italy)
14.30Welcome speech by Regional Government of Sardinia

Raffaele Paci 
(Vice President Regional Government of Sardinia, Italy)

14.45International policies on CCUS: SET Plan, CSLF e Mission InnovationMarcello Capra (Ministry of Economic Development, Italy)
15.15Sources of CO2, energy balance and CCUS approachesGiorgio Cau 
(University of Cagliari, Italy)
15.45 The potential role of CCS for the reduction of global warming

Bhima Sastri 
(U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC, USA)

16.15Interactive programme - Introduction
16.45interactive programme
(meeting of the workgroups)
18.00End of day 1
20.00Social dinner

Martedì 19 giugno 2018 - CO2 capture approaches and technologies
Session chairman: Bhima Sastri (U.S. Department of Energy, USA)
9.00Pre-combustion CO2 capture: liquid solvents and mineral carbonation Aimaro Sanna
(Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom)
9.30Post-combustion CO2 capture technologiesToby Lockwood
(IEA Clean Coal Centre, United Kingdom)
10.00CO2 separation technologies by membranesMaria Grazia De Angelis 
(University of Bologna, Italy)
10.50Supercritical CO2 cycles applications
Bhima Sastri (U.S. Department of Energy, USA)
11.20Multiphase modeling anda validation of solid CO2 sorbent devices
Bill Rogers
(National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA)
11.50Multiscale CFD modeling and validation of reacting gas-solid flows with application to fossil fuel reactors
Mehrdad Shahnam (National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA)
13.30CCUS: the activities of the University of CagliariVittorio Tola 
(University of Cagliari, Italy)
13.45Visit to the Sotacarbo pilot platform and laboratories
15.00Interactive programme
(meeting of the workgroups)
18.00End of day 2

Mercoledì 20 giugno 2018 - CO2 utilization technologies
Session chairman: Serge Perineau (World Coal-To-X, France)

9.00CO2 to liquid fuels: hydrogenation processes Carlo Pirola 
(University of Milan, Italy)
9.30The Acid Gas to Syngas (AG2STM) technology 

Flavio Manenti 
(Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and Technical University of Berlin, Germany)


CO2 to liquid fuels: electrochemical and photo-electrochemical processes

Manuel Alvarez-Guerra
(Universidad de Cantarbria, Spain)

Hydrogen production technologies from renewable sources

Jesus Rodriguez Ruiz (Centro National de Hidrogeno, Spain)


Coal to X and CCS: a great association

Serge Perineau 
(World Coal-To-X Association, France)
11.50CO2 metanation for power-to-gas productionClaudia Bassano (ENEA, Italy)
13.30Interactive programme
(meeting of the workgroups)
15.00Workshop: CCUS research activities
(see programme below)

Workshop. CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
Chairman: Roman Berenblyum (IRIS e CO2GeoNet, Norway)

15.00Introduction  to CO2-EOR Roman Berenblyum
(IRIS e CO2GeoNet, Norway)
15.30 European examples (Gettica, Turkey, Greece) Caglar Sinayuc (Middle East Technical University e CO2GeoNet,, Turkey) and and Constantin Sava (GeoEcoMar e CO2GeoNet, Romania)
16.00 ECO-BASE approach to establishing CO2-EOR business cases

Roman Berenblyum
(IRIS e CO2GeoNet, Norway)

16.30 Introduction to EOR working groups
16.40 Meeting of the EOR working groups
18.00 Presentation of the group work results
18.40End of day 3

Giovedì 21 giugno 2018 - CO2 storage
Session chairman: Steven G. Whittaker (Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois, USA)

9.00CO2 storage: where we are and new challengesSergio Persoglia
(GO2GeoNet, France)

Site monitoring technologies

Salvatore Lombardi or Sbina Bigi
(Università di Roma La Sapienza and CO2GeoNet, Italy)


Instruments for material characterization

Francesco Cuccuru e Silvana Fais
(University of Cagliari, Italy)

10.50Light drilling applied to CO2 geological storageCarlos de Dios 
(Ciuden – Fundación Ciudad de la Energía and CO2GeoNet, Spain)

CO2 diffusion into an aquifer: the experience at the K-COSEM site,
South Korea

Kang-Kun Lee
(Seoul National University, South Korea)
11.50The role of public in CCS projects Steven Whittaker
(Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois, USA)
13.30 CCUS: the role of ENEA Paolo Deiana (Enea, Italy)
16.30End of day 4

16.30Guided tour to Nebida and Masua beaches and pizza-based dinner

Venerdì 22 giugno 2018 - CCS: economics and legislation
Session chairman: Matthias Finkenrath (Kempten University of Applied Science, Germany)
9.00 CO2 transport tecnologies Massimo Di Biagio
(Rina Consulting – Centro Sviluppo Materiali, Italy)
9.30 Underground coal gasification and CCUS

Preeti Aghalayam
(Indian Institute of Technology, India)

10.00CCUS: commercial and pilot applications in the world

John Scowcroft
(Global CCS Institute, Belgium)



10.50 CCUS: legal issues Ingvild Ombudstvedt
(IOM Law, Norway)
11.20 CO2-free power generation: economic performance Matthias Finkenrath
(Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
11.50 ECCSEL: the European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure Sverre Quale


Presentations by the workgroups


Concluding remarks

Alessandro Lanza
(Sotacarbo, Italy
15.30Visit to the Serbariu Old Mine Museum

End of day 5