Why Sulcis

Currently CCS are considered essential to achieve on a global scale the objectives of stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
The Sotacarbo Research Centre, located in Carbonia (Sardinia, Italy), which happens to be also the venue of the International Sulcis CCS Summer School, has plants, laboratories and expertise in this field, and it was widely seen as the most natural choice to host the new Technology Pole.Data analysis - Sotacarbo laboratories

Sotacarbo, in collaboration with ENEA, has already set up a "work plan" to support choices of technological innovation for the production of zero emissions electricity in Sardinia, which is coherent with the priorities laid down by the National Energy Strategy (SEN) and those identified by the European SET-Plan (Strategic Energy Technology Plan).

The Sulcis looks as an ideal location for this kind of project because of its peculiar geological features.